Product Description

Boone Hearht 10 LB Bag of 1/4″ Midnight Black Reflective Fire Glass
Boone Hearth Fire Glass is a completely new alternative and solution for fireplaces, fire tables and fire pits. Boone Hearth Fire Glass is a pure tempered glass crushed and finely processed to ensure the highest quality, clean and safe product. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to give your fireplace or fire pit that WOW factor you deserve, and while it produces more heat than real wood, it is also environmentally friendly. There is no smoke, it’s odorless, and the specially formulated glass crystals give out no toxic deposit.

Use the calculators on this page if you need assistance determining the amount of fire glass needed for your fireplace or fire pit.

  • Tempered glass will not break, crack, or explode after prolonged exposure to high heat.
  • Smooth edges allow for safe glove-free handling
  • Dark reflective glass adds depth and dimension to your fireplace!
  • Mix & match different shades for a custom color scheme!