Product Description

Boone Hearth’s Classic Wood Fireplace & Stove Bellows are more than just vintage-style decorative pieces. They really work! Use them to turn a tiny spark into a roaring flame, or to revive a fire that has been burning for a long time. A bellow is an essential tool for keeping a fire burning for a long time; every time you add more wood, use your bellow to pump more air into the fire so it expands onto the new logs. Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of time waiting for the fresh wood to light up. It’s an especially useful tool to have on hand if you like spending a lot of time with friends and family by your outdoor fire pit. You don’t want to be constantly interrupting the conversation and leaving your seat to manage the fire. Within seconds, a bellow will help you maintain control over the consistency of your fire. A Boone Hearth bellow makes a great gift for someone who has a fire place, wood burning stove, or a fire pit. It’s also a creative housewarming gift. When hung up from the cord attached to the handle, a Boone Hearth bellow transforms into a vintage piece of wall art. Choose from a light yellow oak, dark brown mahogany, or engraved black ebony finish.

  • Dimensions (assembled): 17.7 x 7.5 Inches (45 x 19 cm)
  • Instantly Increase The Flame Of A Wood Fire.
  • Hardwood Construction With Stylish Brass Accents.
  • Expansive Inner Cavity Propels Oxygen Directly Into The Fire.
  • Three Color Choices Available: Light Oak, Dark Mahogany, and Engraved Ebony.